I didn't like writing on MS Word so I opened my Notepad. Always feeling home when getting back into this blank page, feeling home with a lot of things to chew then to digest. I miss writing so much.
No, I’m not gonna start with my usual “how’s life?”. A lot of things have occurred to life, we all know that. Here I am, in a quite Monday morning, hitting the keyboard because I know it may soothe. A calm sense that I contain, not that calm, but in a good way. I skipped my year end reflection post. Is this the time to finally write it out? I don’t know. Facing loss. Receiving good news. Stepping out. Taking new path. Starting again. Being mature. Accept what needs to be accepted. I think I have to chew and digest and it may take some time.

For 2018..

Quoting from a favorite poet, “it does not matter if the glass is half full or half empty, drink that shit and stop complaining." and another piece to keep in my mind, "you are one with the love of Universe."

I wish you love.


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