March's Been Good

I woke up this morning to a message from a friend, asking several things about his ex. I spilled him the details he needed then carried on with encouraging him to move on. I'm sticking with that belief, relationship should not be so hard, for sure how things happen, whether it is good or bad, is solely based on how we perceive them. A good life is only a good mindset away, well, stoic at its best. I came up with a thought that we really could tell ourselves anything we would want to perceive, and it kinda took me a while to realize that being in good mood, telling yourself good stories, having positive approach in life worked better than the otherwise. Sometimes, we spend so much time being our own worst critic, we tell ourselves things that is limiting and debilitating without realizing those are the ones that break us down, not the problem itself.

March's been awesome, it's not perfect but it lets life reveal some of its beauty. Beauty of hard work, beauty of patience, beauty of friendship. And at this moment, the peace is lingering on me. Future will reveal itself, I know I always can choose peace, and I'm choosing it over any other things.

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