Finding The One

I always wonder what main sign that we can easily use to define someone as the one. Should there be any sparks? Should you giggle all the time around him? Should he become someone who save you from jerks at nightclub? Or can it be as easy as your lunch mate? Or gym buddy? Or someone from your neighbourhood?

What sign can you easily point out? Or is it exactly like what books and films say, that when you know, you just know?

I've spent times asking people who already got married about how they finally find the one. Some say they do not really feel like he/she is the one. Some say they just feel like getting married. Some say they are so in love. Turns out, for every individual, finding the one is very personal and you can not just follow what's out there.

It is really about you and that person.

One of my best friends who is going to get married soon, one day, on a decent Friday afternoon lunch, gave me one perspective that suddenly changed my mind. I asked her why at the first place she chose the guy she was going to get married with. The answer was very simple, this guy might not be perfect, but he really could accept her in any manner she took, he could handle her at her best, and he also stayed during the worst. Really, that got me thinking.

We spent days and nights to think that we can choose, that we can find the one among so many people we meet. What if it should be easier?
What if there is really only one person who can take you for good or worse?
Really, would you let that one person pass you by? Don't you love the idea that someone out there in this world, can really accept you, and love you, more than you can handle yourself?


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