Solitude is Bliss

Long holiday with no travel plans. I find comfort in silently thinking about what I want in between. Days of festivity, Eid Al Fitr. I have hard times in forgiving some people but I think that's the real quest, to forgive and just move on with whatever life offers. Stop dwelling and be more pure with our own intentions. I tried to, really, and that made me feel better. Of course, we happen to dislike some people, that is natural. What is not natural is holding onto the grudges and anger within. Since life is not always about you, do you ever think that what those people you hate ever did got nothing to do with you? Sometimes, it's plain about themselves and you don't need to take any credits of that.

Besides being forgiving, another difficult thing to do is letting go of a strong feeling. I've hold onto it for several months, and now, that I have time and space with myself to try to release it, it is stubbornly stuck with me. I know I've made it my favorite thing, my inner desire, my deepest anchor to get back to the vibes, realizing now I'm just holding on to something which is not quite right. It will take me months to finally get over it, but hopefully it will be easier and quicker.

Basically, it's PMS season and I'm kinda easily irritated that I cut down communication with people who might get my alarm firing. The only comfort I can find right now is being with myself. That's more than enough and I'm grateful.

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